Maripuri tijeritas takes special care in selecting high quality and environment-friendly materials. We also monitor the working conditions of people who have taken part in all processes (from seed to final product).

We have chosen the best suppliers of sustainable fibers in Europe, seeking proximity and mutual trust. We are committed to the highest certifications organic materials (GOTS) that ensure fibers from organic farming, which guarantee that in production and cultivation:

  • no pesticides are used (controlling insects with natural repellents) or agrochemicals and artificial fertilizers (synthetic),
  • rotation of crops (as opposed to mono-crops in conventional cotton), – non-transgenic seeds,
  • local and controlled production,
  • in the final transformation chlorine is not used in their bleaching, nor dyes containing heavy metals.

These crops favor the biodiversity of the soil where it is grown thus fostering fertility for future crops and respect for the health of workers and the people who use these products. Small local businesses are also encouraged.

Maripuri works with cottons from Turkey that are distributed in Europe, with GOTS certification. This certification supports all processes of fabrics: from seed to finished product, dyed and packaged; it also guarantees fair working conditions.

Maripuri can send by email the certification presented by each supplier.

For underwear we choose 95% organic cotton with 5% spandex (lycra) – for more comfort and better fit -, and in the 2015/16 kids collections we have chosen 100% organic cotton.

We also use soft and comfortable lightweight merino wool for women underwear, due to the high degree of breathability that this fiber offers and its ability to maintain the body temperature.

For cloth sanitary pads and panty liners we use organic cotton and hemp, and a waterproof and breathable synthetic fabric.